Wedding ceilidh

let us round off your big day in style!

Wedding Ceilidh

Striding Edge play wedding ceilidhs in venues ranging from four-star hotels to village halls and marquees. Weddings are a speciality of ours: So let us round off your big day in style!

  • A wedding ceilidh usually comprises of two and half hours of music with a break after the first hour.
  • Ceilidh dances are chosen to suit your guests and explained and ‘called’ by our two expert dance callers.
  • For the first dance, popular choices are either our traditional Snowball Mixer Waltz or a song from your iPod / phone played through our sound system.  
    For the first dance, we would recommend a Snowball Mixer Waltz :
    • Bride and Groom take the floor, take each other in a ballroom hold and waltz together, or sway romantically!
    • When Mike calls, bride and groom each go and find a new partner to bring on the floor (In-laws are a popular choice!)
    • When Mike calls again, all four go and bring new partners onto the floor.
    • Mike calls, these eight dancers then all go and find new partners.
    • We continue like this until everyone is up on the floor dancing!
  • In between our ceilidh dances, get your breath back or dance with your partner to our romantic songs and stirring tunes.

Optional extras:

Gathering music:
Create extra atmosphere to any part of your wedding day where your guests gather: A choice of players and instruments.
iPod disco:
Carry on the music after the ceilidh has finished: Provide your playlist on iPod or phone and we will play it through our sound system.