Roots Down

Roots Down is the new show by Striding Edge, launched in 2022.
Featuring new songs, traditional and original tunes and spoken word.

“Do you know that picture we got sent from a friend?
The farmhouse, the shady grove of trees, the footpath leading out beyond?
I’d love to go to that part of the country with you and escape the city for a while!”

Roots Down is the story of a couple who first meet at a ceilidh dance in The City. They are driven by a quest for true love, happiness and shared identity. They yearn to put roots down. In their journey they forge connections with the upland landscape,a new town and different people. At the heart of their story is the human need for music and celebration, family and community.

Watch Striding Edge perform ‘Direct Sight’ from the Roots Down show here:

Striding Edge present the Roots Down show in these two formats:

Roots Down concert show:
1st set: Roots Down concert (50 minutes)
2nd set: Cumbrian songs and tunes (50 minutes)

Roots Down concert and ceilidh show:
1st set: Roots Down concert (50 minutes)
2nd set: Cumbrian ceilidh dance (1 hour)

Roots Down concert show premier: Arnside Sailing Club: 19.02.22
“Striding Edge put on an excellent performance of their new Roots Down show at the Sailing Club. There was great atmosphere in the room with everybody enjoying the performance.”
Alasdair Simpson: Club music organiser

Striding Edge rural touring previously:

Borrowdale Johnny
Concert and ceilidh show: 2007 – 2009
24 shows for:

  • Highlights (Cumbria)
  • Arts out West (West Cumbria)
  • Spot On (Lancashire)
  • Dorset

PDF doc. listing of shows available on request.

Borrowdale Johnny: “Accomplished, considered and satisfyingly different.”
Four-star review: Rock N’ Reel

Striding Edge are:

Mike Willoughby: Lead vocals, bouzouki, melodeon and harmonica.
Carolyn Francis: Fiddle, Border bagpipes and vocals. 
Ben McCabe: 
Drums, French horn and vocals.
Rick Middleton: Double bass and vocals.

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