Social ceilidh

Birthdays, family gatherings, anniversarys, community events, work parties

Melmerby Dancers

Striding Edge play for all manner of social occasions, in venues ranging from large civic halls to cozy common rooms. Let us bring your friends and family together in a memorable night of ceilidh dance!

  • A social ceilidh usually comprises of two and half hours of music with a break after the first hour.
  • Ceilidh dances are chosen to suit your guests and explained and ‘called’ by our two expert dance callers.
  • In between our ceilidh dances, get your breath back or have a bop to our upbeat songs and stirring tunes.

Optional extras:

Gathering music:
Create extra atmosphere to any part of your social day where your guests gather: A choice of players and instruments.
iPod disco:
Carry on the music after the ceilidh has finished: Provide your playlist on iPod or phone and we will play it through our sound system.