Booking Guide

Classic Cumbrian Ceilidh Band

Here is the step-by-step guide for booking Striding Edge.

1. Check your date is available.

We post up all our confirmed bookings in our Diary up to a year in advance. Check out this page to see if your date is likely to be available.

2. Contact our administrator, Mike Willoughby.

Either fill in the web form or telephone Mike with the following information: Proposed date(s), venue, type of event and any optional extras you require. Mike will tell you if the band is available for your event. He will also give you a 'quote' inclusive of all costs.

3. Reserve the booking with Mike.

To reserve the booking, contact Mike and tell him that you would like to book the band. At this stage Mike would like to know more about your event: Confirmed venue, timings for the show, any optional extras, space available for the show and number of guests. Mike will need your postal address and telephone number and will then send you the Booking Contract.

4. Confirm the booking by completing and returning the Booking Contract.

You will receive the Booking Contract, which comes in duplicate. This contains the details of the event, as agreed by both parties. Please complete, sign and return one copy to Mike by post. Retain the other copy for your records. Please include the address and postcode for the venue. Confirmation of the booking is when Striding Edge receive the completed and signed Booking Contract from the client. It is therefore in your interest to return the Booking Contract as soon as possible, preferably within a week of you receiving it.

5. Payment.

Striding Edge require payment to be made with the method outlined on the Booking Contract. Please note that we do not require a deposit or booking fee when making a booking.