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Striding Edge has been a self-managed organisation since our formation in 1995. Mike Willoughby deals with the bookings, and is there to guide you through from the initial enquiry all the way through to the finer details of the gig.

For twenty-two years, we have taken a pride in caring for our many hundreds of clients on a professional level. Read what our customers have to say in client quotes>>

Please get in touch with us: We would love to start talking to you about your special night!

If you do get in touch, please let us know what date you are interested in, the location of venue and the type of event, and then we can supply you with a quote for our services, plus any of the other finer details that you need. Thanks, in advance.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For booking enquiries please contact:

Mike Willoughby


Phone: 01229 588852

For detailed information about booking Striding Edge, click here>>

(This is reccomended reading if you wish to book Striding Edge.)


Contact with the other band members: (non-administrative only)

Carolyn Francis
Rick Middleton
Ben McCabe
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